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Loans Payroll Loan

Payroll loan

Exclusively for employees of Bristol City Council, the Payroll Loan allows you to borrow up to £100 to £1,500 depending on your salary. If accepted, we aim to deposit the money in your bank account within 3 days of receiving your application form provided all the required forms have been returned by 3pm. 

Interest rate

32.9% APR

How much can I borrow on the Payroll Loan scheme?

Your yearly salary
you can borrow

term (months)

monthly repayment

The total
amount of
interest you
will pay

up to £19,317
£19,318 to £28,922
£28,923 to £44,755
£44, 756 and above 

To borrow a larger amount, take a look at our Employer Partner loans

What else you should know 

• Once you have repaid 50% of your Payroll Loan amount you can apply for another loan. The same criteria will apply with regards to the total amount you can borrow. 

• The first repayment will be taken from your next pay following being accepted for the loan and the amount being deposited into your bank account. 

• Once you have repaid the Payroll loan, we will continue to take your monthly payment unless you tell us otherwise – it’s a great way to build up a nest-egg! 

How to apply

  • Join Bristol Credit Union. Make sure you mention that you work for Bristol City Council. 
  • Download and complete the Click to DownloadDownload Payroll loan application form (37.2kb), scan it in and email to lending@bristolcreditunion.org.uk
  • We will send an agreement and payroll deduction mandate form to be signed.
  • Once BCU receives your signed copy back we will transfer funds to the nominated account on the same day.

How to apply


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Call us on 0117 924 7309

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